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Six Flags Season Tickets Are Cheap This Year

If you live anywhere near any Six Flags theme parks or you will be traveling in areas where they are located throughout the summer, you may want to seriously consider getting a Six Flags season pass this year. 

I don't know if it's the economy or what, but years ago, when I was just out of my teens, my husband and I bought season passes for ourselves and they had to be at least $70. This year, Six Flags is selling their season tickets for only $49. That's the price of one visit plus an extra $10.  Not only are the season passes cheap - they can be used at 15 different Six Flags theme parks. 

My family is moving to Atlanta this summer and I was looking for things to do with the kids since they'll likely be bored until they meet some new friends and I was thrilled to find this great deal since they love amusement parks. 

You also get $300 in coupons with the purchase of seasont tickets, but they don't specify what the coupons are good for. My guess would be that they can be used for food and treats inside the parks.  

All in all it's a great deal for amusement park lovers! 

Jayne H.
Not so cheap in NJ. Living in NJ is getting unbelievable.
Kim S.
The Massachusetts park has individual season passes for $74.99 and the season parking pass is $50. I did this with my son for a couple of years when the passes were $59 and the season parking pass was only $25. It's nowhere near the value it was before and we have stopped going altogether. We have a much better time at Canobie Lake Park in Salem New Hampshire! It's cheaper, shorter lines, more family oriented and parking is free!
Thomas T.
So they do charge different prices at different locations. You could by a pass at another location, but you need to have a photo ID taken at your home location. So if you live in Mass and buy one in GA. You would have to travel to GA to get your picture taken. Way too much work for the $30 savings.
Since the prices seem to vary by park, I wonder if you could just buy passes to the cheapest park since it seems to let you use the tickets are any other park. I noticed the Kentucky one was only $44.95. Regarding the company going bankrupt, it looks like the big bond payment is due in August, so you could still get a handful of uses in before then even if does happen (it might not as they are working on restructuring).
Christine - Thanks for the FYI...maybe that is why their tickets are so cheap, they'll only be good for a week!! Maybe I'll wait awhile - see if the government bails them out. :)
Christine M.
Just an FYI... the front page of the business section in my local newspaper ran this headline yesterday: "Cash-strapped Six Flags may go bankrupt". It claimed "SF could not meet a looming financial obligation and may have to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection". Something to think about.
Okay, I figured it out - they have different pricing for different parks - my home park is Atlanta and those are only $49, but I could visit any park on my pass. If you buy the pass in say, Springfield, MA - they charge $74. What a bummer. If you can use the pass at all the parks, it should be the same everywhere... I'll update this tips.
I don't see it for $49, I see it for $69. Was there a time frame for the cheaper price?
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