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Snack and Recess: Packing the Right Snack

There's something very personal about snack and very social about recess.  The way you eat your snack, how it is packaged, and what your mom, your dad, your sibling, or "other" packed for you.

I have clear memories of sitting around a table at snack time while the teachers passed out little cups of apple juice and an arrowroot cookie.  It was the same every day.  I can still smell the sweet vanilla scent of those cookies.  

Recently, a local mom inquired about snack options for kids.  She has a 1 year old and a 3 year old and feels she's giving the same snacks over and over again.  There is also a question as to how healthy and well-rounded the snacks are.  I don't know your child, I only know my own quirky, picky eaters, but I will try to give you all a guide for choosing snacks and finding variety.  My daughter tends to like the same snack over and over again until she tires of it and we move on to a new favourite.  I think repetition is okay when it comes to snack.  (NB I'm not a nutritionist or a pediatrician.)  If your child is eating a balanced diet when you look at the big picture then I think you're doing your job. 

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