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Snack Trap, Snack Trap, Snack Trap, Snack Trap...

The above sung to the tune of Dora the Explorer's "Backpack" is a favorite song in my house.  Now, I thought just about everyone knew about the Snack Trap.  But I still get a lot of questions about it when my daughter uses it out in public soooo...

The Snack Trap is a two handled plastic cup with a soft rubber cover that is cut so little hands can go in but the snack stays in the cup.  We use this for Cheerios, crackers, banana chips, Goldfish, etc.  I keep one packed and ready in the diaper bag.  It's great!

Bonny T.
Snack Traps are great we purchased one and absolutely love it... ALSO we got one for FREE at Stride Rite when purchasing a pair of shoes for our lil one... case anyones interested..not sure if they still give it away but worth the shot! good luck.
Maria G.
Snack Traps are GREAT!!!! Not sure if you know this, but they sell the lids separately.
Elizabeth M.
We have a few of these and they are GREAT! The only thing I wish is that they offered a completely closed lid for them, so that the goldfish aren't in there all day and go stale!
Raj A.
We love our Snack Traps!! It's a life saver on airplane rides, shopping excursions etc. :)
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