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Sore Neck? This Neck Massage Pillow is the Best...

Like many busy moms, I am stressed almost all of the time.  Unfortunately, I tend to carry all my stress in my neck, so it's constantly tight and sore.  At least twice a week, I beg my super sweet husband to rub my neck. I guess he finally got sick of all the neck rubbing, because for Christmas he bought me this really cool neck massage pillow by Homedics. 

I've got to admit, I was a little skeptical.  I had a funny feeling that he was just trying to get out of our weekly neck massages and I didn't think any pillow could do as good of a job as he does - even when he isn't trying very hard. 

Since it quickly became clear that the personal neck massages were over, or at least wouldn't be happening as frequently, I plugged in my neck massage pillow and settled in to see what would happen.  

I've got to admit, I was pleasently surprised.  I'd still prefer that my husband massage my neck for me - and that he'd do it for hours on end - because, let's face it, I can't tell my pillow to move a little to the right.  But, overall, it's a pretty amazing invention.  

It has two ball type contraptions that move around in a circle and put pressure on muscles in the neck.  It gets the area where I feel pain quite well and leaves my neck and shoulders feeling much looser and more relaxed.  

I really enjoy the heat feature that it has - my husband can't heat his hands up!  

It's marketed as a neck massage pillow, but can easily be used on other part of the back.  My husband has a lot of pain in his lower back, and he loves it.  You only need to move it around your back to get different areas where you feel pain. 

I frequently use mine after a long day or when I'm falling asleep at night.  Check out the HoMedics Neck Massage Pillow.  They run about $50 and in my opinion, are well worth every penny spent!

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