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Spotting Organic Fruits and Vegetables

There's been quite a few times in the grocery store where I'm not sure if the "Organic" sign above the apples (or other produce) is referring to this bin or that bin and without a brand sticker, it can be annoying to figure out.  Most of you probably know this, but if you look at the PLU number- all organic fruits and vegetables start with a 9.  Just a little tidbit to gain you a couple of extra seconds in the grocery store!

Maurice T.
A seldom spoken truth is that often times organically grown fruits and vegetable require far more pesticide use than integrated pest managed (IPM) produced. While "natural" may be appealing, remember that lead, mercury, copper, etc are all "natural" and have been or are being used as pesticides. For a partial list of "approved for organic" list, see:
Hey, I learned something today. Thanks for passing this along.
Kristen H.
In response to your comment, fruits and vegetables not grown organically have pesticides and can be genetically altered. So, yes, you are paying more, but that's worth it to me- I'd rather not have my toddler exposed to unnecessary toxins.
You know what....when you buy a vegetable or fruit and it says "organic"...buyer beware!! You are paying extra for the name "ORGANIC". Be smart and know that ALL vegetables and fruits are grown organically. Don't pay the extra bucks for the pricier ones. That is so foolish!
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