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Storage Baskets for Organization

Two of my daughters share a room and their room was always a mess...a really, really big mess.  That is, until I found the benefits of using storage baskets for organization.  I'll admit that I'm sort of a neat freak. I like things to be clean and I like things to be where they belong. Unfortunately, my kids did not inherit that gene from me.  I was constantly picking stuff up in their room and I tried every kind of organization method known to man to keep things clean in their room. 

Finally, I took some of my Longaberger baskets and started using them to help them organize their room.  I personally love Longaberger, but it's expensive, so you can really use any kind of basket that you like.  The trick is to get different sizes that will fit in different areas and hold a variety of items.  Just choose baskets that you like.  

You can set your storage baskets on shelves, nightstands, in closets, anywhere.  The beauty of baskets is that you can easily just take them down and fill them up and then put them on a shelf and it looks neat, even if the stuff inside isn't organized at all! 

We are in the process of selling our house and everyone always comments on how clean my daughters room is.  I have to laugh because if they could only see what was inside all of those storage baskets they wouldn't think that it was neat at all!  

Another advantage of this method is when my kids take their toys in the living room or dining room to play and the time comes to pick up, I just send them each to their room to get a basket and then have them throw their toys in and bring them back to their room.  

As a professional organizer, I recommend baskets and bins to all my's a fantastic way to store items of various sizes. A couple of other basket suggestions: 1) Keep a "book basket" in the main living space where books and magazines can be tossed easily. It's amazing how much clutter this clears from the room, and if you establish this as the official "home" for library books, you'll never have another overdue fine; 2) place a small basket at the base of the stairs for things that need to go up on the next trip.
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