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Swag Bucks Earn Amazon Gift Cards

How would you like to earn money for doing something you already do?

I want to tell you all about a great search engine that allows you to earn money for searching the Internet! It is called Swag Bucks. Swag Bucks is a search engine associated with Google & Ask that pays you to search the Internet. You turn points you earn from searching the web into gift cards such as Target, and . Just 45 points will earn you a $5.00 gift card to!

About six months ago, I was introduced to Swag Bucks from a friend of mine. I thought I would give it a try, since it was part of Google, a name I could trust, and I liked the thought of making money just for searching the web. To date, I have earned $ 200 in Amazon Gift Cards, “Just for searching the Internet”!!!

I have road tested this enough to know that it is legit, and that you can really add up points rather quickly! To date, I have not received "Any Spam" from doing this! Which shows the company's integrity.
It searches the web using the same search engines as Google & Ask, so you still get a good search! I make most of my points each day just by going to my own e-mail or blog! It doesn't have to be a unique web site/search you are going to in order to earn points. As you search the web through-out the day, you have the potential to earn points. You don't earn points with each search, but you can earn points about 2-3 times a day.

The best way to earn is to do two searches in the morning right after one another, then do the same at night. I get awarded points twice a day with this approach. Each time you are awarded points, you can get a different value of points ranging from 1-10. Some times I get three points, and other times I get 1. If you are really lucky, you can get 5 points or higher in one search! My husband has been awarded five points several times!!  

I highly recommend you down load the search bar, as this will make it easier to remember to use Swag Bucks!

With $5.00 gift cards staring at only 45 points this is a great deal! You can even get Paypal Gift cards and turn them into CASH!! The points really do add up fast!
I love it. Every day I search the web and earn points. I am letting my gift cards add up to buy myself a computer. Click on the banner below and start earning points!!! I trust this company and have not been disappointed in it at all. Go Here to sign up and start earning!!!

Let me know how you like it! ~ Deb @ Frugal Living And Having Fun!!!

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