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Sweepeze-So Cool

I just got my Westinghouse Sweepeze, and I love it!! It's a smallish (between a toaster-oven size and a breadmaker size) electric appliance that you plug in and leave plugged in, in your kitchen or other room without a carpet. You sweep your floor like always, but instead of using a dustpan and whisk to pick up, you just sweep your mess over to the Sweepeze and it sucks it right up! The cannister is huge, you only have to empty it once in a while, and it couldn't be easier to empty, it just pops right out. You can forget about that thin line of dirt that you can never pick up with the dustpan, and forget bending down (a big deal for us older moms). Forget looking all over the house for the dustpan (or is that just my house?). This is also a great gift for your parents, who can no longer bend easily, or someone who just got pregnant (little does she know soon she won't be able to bend down!). 

I'm not giving a url, because you have to find your own cheapest price. They range from $80 to $20, depending on model and store. I got mine on Ebay for $30, including shipping, and it's the newest model.

Carmela F.
I just have my 5 year old follow me around with the Dustbuster when I sweep. Same idea - sort of!
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