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Swine Flu / Flu Preparations Tylenol Printable...

Frugal Living During the Cold/Flu Season!!

Swine Flu / Flu season does not have to scare or worry you, but you should be prepared and aware of its potential. It could very well affect your family and loved ones!!

Why not stock up on medicines ahead of time. Buying medicine ahead of time, as they go on sale, prevents you from having to pay "Top Price". Not to mention going into the drug store where there are MORE sick people!! Here is a great site to print several Tylenol Coupons to help you buy these products at rock bottom prices!!

Last fall I started buying nose spray, Tylenol, tissues, cough drops, juice, Gator Ade, cough medicines, and vitamins as they went on sale and stacked my coupons on top of the sale price. Between CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid, you can find these products for pennies on the dollar. It was so nice to have all the supplies I needed during those winter months as my family needed them without having to pay $8.00 for a bottle of Tylenol or running out to CVS at 11:00 PM for Gator Ade to rehydrate a sick child.

Planning ahead for the Cold/Flu Season can really pay off in many ways!!

That's right people...we should even be "Frugal" when we are NOT Having Fun!! "smile" ~

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