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Teacher Gift Ideas with a Low Budget

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching. We get busy with graduations, celebrations, planning summer camps, etc., however it is important not to forget to thank the person that your child has spent a year of his/her life with. After all, the teacher has not only educated our child but also took care of him/her when we were not there. Now you are probably thinking how can you afford a gift in these hard economic times. I found a website that I wanted to share that can hopefully answer that question for you or possibly give you some new ideas. For $10 or less, you can make your child's teacher feel appreciated. Let me show you how:

You can do group gifts:

  • Have parents contribute $5 to $10 to purchase a cash card or gift card.
  • Ask the teacher to see if there is something that they need for the classroom, such as a bookshelf, toys, art supplies, etc. that are too expensive to purchase. Have parents contribute $5 to $10 to the gift.

Things that can make work easier:

  • Classical music CDs
  • Movies or books with CDs
  • Art supplies, games, puzzles for the classroom
  • Purchase books for the class library. Kids will enjoy the recently published books.
Personalized gifts:
  • Giftcards
  • Christmas ornaments, especially homemade
  • Soaps and lotions
  • A card written with your own words of appreciation. Tell the teacher exactly why you and your family feel lucky.
  • Apples. You can add pine cones to the applies to make a special center piece. All of this for under $10. 

John N.
Becky C.
If your teacher celebrates Christmas, I received one of the greatest gifts one year. A family made cookies and placed them on a glass cake plate. I loved the cookies (since I didn't have time to make any) and use the cake plate often. Just loved it!!!
My son's teacher got "displaced" because of budget cuts and won't be at the school anymore. We love him so much, and were hoping that he'd be my other son's teacher. I'd like to do something extra special for him to let him know he will be missed. Maybe a card and some special baked goods that my son makes or something?
Thank you so much for this post. We teachers work so hard, and to be truthfl, not all the kids are pleasant and fun to be around, but we pretend they are all year! Just a note: please don't send Christmas ornaments unless you know for sure your teacher celebrates Christmas. Also, try to send things that get used up, such as food and soap. Spending even one or two dollars really goes a long way towards letting the teacher know you are appreciative.
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