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Teaching Your Child About Feelings

This activity is a simple and fun way to teach your child about feelings while allowing them to practice their cutting and pasting skills. Gather scissors, some old magazines, glue and some construction paper. Have your child look through the magazines and cut out faces/expressions showing different feelings - start with 3-4 feelings for younger children and expand it to 7-8 words for older children. This is also a great way to expand your child's vocabulary of feelings words. Separate and glue the pictures onto the corresponding sheets of construction paper (ie, Happy, Sad, Angry.....) As your child gets older you can introduce her to more elaborate words to describe the same expression (ie, Elated, Frustrated etc) as well as discuss situations in which someone may have those feelings.

Dealing with feelings is such an important part of our childrens' overall development! It is the cornerstone of success in life and all academic progress builds upon this foundation! Way to go resource mom! Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD mommmytherapist
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