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Ten Things to Do with Your Leftover Halloween...

If your house is anything like our house, we have too much candy!  With 6 of the 7 kids Trick or Treating, you can only imagine how much candy we have, and the sad part is that we only went down a few small streets.  People really outdid themselves this year with the candy; I can't recall getting king-size candy bars, handfuls of candy, and serving hotdogs and pumpkin pie, but maybe my mind is getting foggy!  We had so much candy last year, that it lasted us until the next candy holiday...EASTER! If you want to keep the dentist at bay, your belt on the same notch, and your kids hyperactivity controlled, read this article for tips on what to do with your leftover candy.  We are going to give a lot away (good thing my Mom and Dad live down the street), keep a few treats for bribery, and maybe use a few of the chocolates and mints for bribery.  What will you do with all your candy?

Courtney F.
I always send the left overs to my husbands work and they really enjoy them while they work.
Ally S.
The Great Pumpkin comes to our house. He comes to take all the leftover candy to be "melted down and recycled" for next year. In it's place he leaves a matchbox, some stickers,Pokemon cards or other trinket
That's a good idea to start early with just about any habit you want to stick!
Meg B.
We started early- by age 4, to let the kids to spread out their respective candies and trade. The would be allowed to keep their 10 favorite pieces and then the rest they would bring to the neighborhood food pantry- in our case resides in a nearby church. They have been doing it for the last 3 years and now don't even question it.
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