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The 5 Best, and the 5 Worst Buys at Costco

This is my 2nd Costo tip, you can see that I am pretty obsessed with the store.  And I love lists, especially when they are in a five best, and five worst buys format.  When I read this article from MSN in the morning, I thought that I should be passing this along.

It was eye opening to find out that when gas prices are rising, it is actually a bad idea to fill up your car's tank at the Costo gas station.  Read this and 9 other great tips on what to buy, and what to avoid at your neighborhood Costco.

Great article--it's right on target. The benefit of a stay-at-home mom, while the kids are in school, I compare all the stores and do quick math. Supermarkets can be less expensive on certain items when combining with coupons. Thanks again.
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