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The Absolute Best Way to Clean Odors from Your...

When my daughter returned from a trip to Denmark one of the souvenirs she brought us was this soap bar shaped piece of stainless steel. It even came with its own soap dish. I had no clue what to do with it and she said that if you have odors on your hands from cutting up onions or garlic, or whatever, all you need to do is wet the bar and rub it in your hands for thirty seconds like you would a bar of soap. So the next time I chopped onions, I gave it a try. It worked like magic.

The link I've posted looks just like the one that I have. However, I read all the reviews there and one person posted that they were able to find a less expensive one by googling. So, I did the same, and Amazon has a link where this one sells for $12.88, as well as a couple of other offerings.

Now, here's another tip. Because I was so surprised at the bar's effectiveness, I decided to try an experiment. The next time I had diced some onions, instead of using the bar, I ran my hands up and down the stainless steel faucet in the kitchen sink. That worked pretty good too. So, if you don't want to spend the money, you can do that instead. In fact, try it before you buy one. Still, I like the idea of them for gifts as they make a great conversation piece. Plus I can say they're all the rage in Scandanavia.

Susan M.
I have used a spoon for many years to get the same effect.
Lani H.
I bought a "bar of soap" like this for my Dad for Christmas - it works AWESOME! He uses it to get the smelly fish stink off his hands. I got his from Bed Bath and Beyond and spent $9.99 on it. It was a great way to spend $10! :)
Tanya Lavallee L.
I saw something like that on Martha Stewart once. The guest chef rubbed his hands on the knife blade after cutting the onion. She asked him why he was doing that. He told her to take away the onion smell. So I tried it the next time I cut onions, because I love onions and garlic but not the after smell. I couldn't believe it worked. I am always telling my friends about this little tip.
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