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The Best Diapers Aren't Always the Most Expensive...

In the last 8 years, I have changed a lot of diapers!  With 7 kids all under 9 years of age, I have seen many changes in diapers and their quality.  I have also realized that what works for one child may not work for another.  When my oldest was born, I only used Huggies.  They were the most absorbent.  I thought Pampers were cheaply made.  Store Brands were out; I tried them and they didn't make my cut.  

Times have certainly changed now.  The economy is in a slump, and as moms, we are looking to save any way we can.  Huggies have taken advantage of their premiere status, and they are getting lazy in their quality.  I can't tell you how many times I have gone to change a diaper when the tab just pulls right off the diaper (one diaper wasted).  So, I have been shopping around for diapers the last few years, and here are my personal findings: store brands have gotten much better (as long as you buy their supreme brand), name brands are charging more and you are getting less (increase in price and lower count), and stock up when they are on sale!  

CVS and Walgreen's Supreme brand diapers are comparable to the Pampers brand, but at half the cost, they win hands down!  CVS has buy one get one free sales on their store brand diapers, plus, you can get additional savings on their coupon machine at the front of the store.  Walgreens has the same buy one get one free deals, buy one get one half off deals, and combine them with a coupon found in their easy saver catalog and pharmacy booklet, you are getting extremely cheap diapers!  

About two months ago, Walgreens was actually giving diapers away, after receiving register rewards.  Some people were getting over 100 bags of diapers and donating them to charities. Do yourself and your wallet a favor, don't stick to the name brands because of their past reputation.  Each child is different, with different outputs and different body shapes.  Try out a few brands until you find one that is good for your baby and good for your wallet too. 

We've had a lot of luck with the Target brand diapers and they are pretty cheap. A box of about 100 count size 3 diapers is only about $14.
I sent out an e-mail to Kimberly Clark a couple of weeks ago, and they said they will be sending me some coupons. I have yet to receive them, but I bet they will be coming soon. Unless they are free or close to it, I doubt I will be paying too much money for the diapers. I would rather go with the paying nothing for Walgreen's brand or paying about 2.00 a bag for the Walgreen's or CVS brand. As long as you use supreme, they work well and save on the pocket too.
Julie C.
I couldn't agree more about the Kirkland brand, it is comparable to Huggies, but much cheaper and the tabs don't pull off (we had that problem with Huggies a lot). I started using the Kirkland brand when my oldest outgrew the Pampers Swaddlers - the only diapers I think are worth shelling out full price for. Another suggestion I'd add to the ones above is to contact customer service for any brand of diapers that don't live up to your expectations. I did that when I got a jumbo size box of Huggies at Costco and the tabs kept coming off - they sent me coupons worth about $45 off diapers as an appology!
Costco's Kirland Diapers are also phenomenal! I also have been through a litany of diapers and was surprised at how well Kirland held up, better I thought than CVS, though I have not tried Walgreen's. Many of my friends are now hooked as well. Thanks for the tip!
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