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The Best Hotels in the Bahamas

There are some great hotels in the Bahamas.  Nassau has some truly luxurious resorts. There are also plenty of budget hotels, but if you are looking for the absolute best hotels in the Bahamas, you have got to check out the Atlantis Resort. It's slightly more expensive than some other hotes in the Bahamas - but it's also cheaper than some and it's one of the most amazing places on earth.

First, staying there is pure luxury.  The views are amazing, the beaches are spectacular, the snorkeling is out of this world, and the hotel is great as well.  They have a coolest water slides that kids will die for, as well as a lazy river, pools that are just for kids and much more.  

The Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas has a marine habitat of more than 50,000 animals and you can spend time walking in underground tunnels.  One of the slides even ends in a tunnel that brings you directly past sharks as they swim.  

The restaurants are world-class and perfect for couples that want to enjoy a romantic dinner. They also have  plenty of family dining options, including a buffet that overlooks a lagoon.  Even their buffet food it top notch.  

The rooms are spectacular as well.  We have stayed at the Beach Tower, but I've had friend that have stayed in the Royal Tower and the Harborside resort that offers villas for families that need more room. 

They even offer babysitting services for those romantic dinners out alone with your spouse.  

For the best hotels in the Bahamas, be sure to check out the Atlantis Resort. Yes, it's a little more expensive than some other places, but if you are going to take a tropical vacation it's well worth saving a little longer to spend some time in paradise! 

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