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The Dinner Wheel: your answer to "What's for dinner...

My kids are picky eaters and I'm sure it's partially my fault.  But I just don't have it in me to fight that battle.  I do, however, want to provide them with nutritious meals and some balance (i.e. not cream cheese bagels every night) and I don't want to exert too much energy planning every meal. 

So after becoming sick of the "what's for dinner" question and in an effort to make things easier for myself, I created The Dinner Wheel.  I enlisted the help of my then 4-year-old daughter and we got out a plain white paper plate, made lines with a marker to divide the plate into seven pieces (like a pizza) and went to work.  Each "slice" represented a day and we picked out 7 foods she was willing to eat then assigned each food to a day and added a veggie (or, in my case, usually a fruit because my kids will only eat carrots, fries, and edamame--go figure). 

Then my daughter drew pictures of each meal in the correct "slice" on the plate.  She wasn't reading then, so the picture helped her see what was for dinner.  When she was done we put a thumbtack in the middle of the plate and posted it on the bulletin board in the kitchen.  My daughter loved moving the wheel each day and I no longer had to worry about what was for dinner.  After awhile (when she decided she no longer liked grilled cheese or chicken soup) she begged to make a new wheel.  What could be better--an art project and meal planning solution in one!

Sarah A.
I had to laugh - edamame and the occasional carrot are my child's only vegetables, too. I wonder what it is about them... anyway, the wheel is a good thing. We have a dart chart at our house (magnetic), where the choices are mostly yogurts, goldfish noodle soup and annie's mac n cheese (my child actually won't touch pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs or red-sauced pastas, either!) But at least she eats fruit and the yogurt...
This; my dear, is a very unique & wonderful idea! For sure will try it! Thanks!
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