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The Perfect Homeschooling Helper

I found this website by accident. My 9 y/o son has been struggling with regrouping in multi - step multiplication and I wanted to find a website with printable worksheets. I wanted to find something that was free and goal objective. I have paid $100s of dollars over the years to various websites and have been very disappointed because most of the sites didn't apply state standards to their worksheets. This website (Minds Printing) has been a life saver. Not only am I able to print worksheets but they help keep track of grades, put the worksheets in a challenging order and give extra worksheets in areas that are needed. The best part is that they truly are free! I have used them over 6 months and they have helped my son build confidence which is priceless.

This site also helps with reading comprehension and all state goals (each state is individualized). Fast tracking to supplement a current unit is also available, (I have not used it). I am able to print daily worksheets in math, state standards and reading. I choose to use it to supplement my daily work but could be used alone. Home Schooled children can definetly benefit and I currently have two children working independently with the site and I am able to check their scores through my own password.

I absolutely love it. Give it a try.

The one downfall is I have to remember the passwords for each child and myself so I put them on sticky notes in each child assignment book and mine is on the fridge (encrypted of course).

Karrie H.
I was just checking it out - but it says there is a yearly fee. Is this a recent development?
I have been using Mindsprinting since nov08 and love it! My son has had problems with math, but since we made the switch he is doing great. We only use mindsprinting and you can print as many lessons a day as you wish. We saved money by buying spirl note books and make them copy it into the notebook instead of printing it out. We LOVE Mindsprinting!!
Sherry C.
This sounds like it will really work,I want to try this sight because my son could really use the extra help. We are homeschoolers too. I'm still notso sure about it, what do you think I should do?
Cynthia C.
This site is incredibly awesome. Thank you for recommending! We use it everyday in our home schooling, which makes me feel confident that we're covering our state standards and that our children are learning at their own pace with this wonderful site.
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