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The Unassuming Baked Potato

If you are craving the simplicity of a baked potato dinner, go right ahead and indulge in one.  Chockfull of fiber, and other nutrients, the baked potato is actually a healthy food.

I would steer clear of fat laden cheesy toppings (use salsa, or a little olive oil and vinegar)and balance the carbohydrates with some protein for a complete meal.

Bon Apetit! 

What a great idea! We should try it sometime too.
What a coincidence! We just had a baked potato bar last night for dinner! The toppings included broccoli, low fat cheese, sour cream, chives, taco meat made with ground turkey, tomatoes, turkey bacon, and more. We picked names from a hat to choose an order in which to go up to the bar, so that no shoving or pushing ruined the fun.
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