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Tips for Collecting Seashells

Gathering seashells is fun, but it's also a wonderful educational experience for your children. (Not to mention a great source for decorating your home and using in crafts.) Here are some tips to help you navigate the shores of your local beach and pick some winning specimens:

  1. Collect many different colors and shapes of seashells.
  2. Know some identification skills. Seashells are a tremendously vast species. There are hundreds of varieties found around the world. Log on to and study up on the many types of seashells.
  3. Conus and Calliotectum are the most popular shells you will see at the beach, but collect pretty stones, too.
  4. Use a plastic strainer to get the sand off the shells while you collect them.
  5. Select a beach that is not too crowded to collect shells.
  6. Visit the beach early or later in the day to get the best pick of shells.
Jenn M.
Sanibel island is amazing... capital of seashells ! the entire beach is shells!!! i collect coral and shells from all over, and my kids as well.... we have made collections for our gardens, inside, crafting, etc.... we just love it!!
As a matter of fact, Sanibel Island (Florida) is where I collected the seashells to decorate my 2 nieces' photo frames (Ikea plain wood 4x6 frames). They live in Cape Coral, and we spent a day at Sanibel Island together, so it makes the frames that more special!
I'm off to one of the hotbeds of shelling in the country....Sanibel Island...the Sanibel stoop is what you get all you do is bend over collecting shells. I've been doing it for over 25 years and still have shells from my childhood. You can tell now, that the supply is dwindling for some reason and the shelling out my front door in Massachusetts...but oh, the fun!!!!!!
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