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Tips For Families Going To Disney

Many people come back from a Disney vacation and feel more tired then when they left. Here are some tips; hopefully they can make your Disney vacation more relaxing and enjoyable.
• Disney offers a child swap program at certain attractions.
• Have lunch at the pool each day to take a break.
• Stay at one of the Disney Resorts.
• Do a character breakfast.
• Use The Fast Passes.
• To beat the heat and long lines try to go off-season.
• Buy healthy snacks over ice cream and other junk foods.
• Disney has babysitting and child care services, so take advantage.
• Bring your own water.

If you are looking to book a character meal - we recommend the Crystal Palace Brunch at Magic Kingdom - (It's right off Main Street as you head to Adventureland). The food is outstanding which makes it well worth it - and you get personal photo ops with Tigger, Pooh, Eeyore & Piglet. Epcot now has a "chcaracter spot" that perpetually has 3-4 characters inside to take photos. A lot more Minnie & Mickey sightings there of late! And I have to concur that bringing your own drinks & snacks is key! I really think it is awesome that they let you do that. :) Last tip - it is WELL worth it to arrive as early as possible - especially during peak times. Get in when the gates open and the world is your oyster. Sleep in, and you'll be waiting in lines 'til the cows come home.
A Fast Pass is this thing Disney has on certain rides. In front of designated attractions there are these machines. You put your park pass in and a ticket comes out giving you an time period to return (such as 1:30-2:30). Come back at that time and you go to the front of the line. The idea is that you can do other things while you would have been waiting on line. The only thing is you can only have 1 at a time and there are a certain amount for each time, so once the days passes are out, the fast passes are done for that ride. But the good news is it's free!
Lisa W.
What is the fast past
We really liked the food pass option as saved us loads of money and made us more aware of those purchases because food alone at the parks can do you in - FAST!
I think bringing our own water has saved us bundles of money! Its like$3-$4/bottle and for 4 people - that adds up quick!!! Great reminder!
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