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Tips for Green Halloween

Going green for Halloween isn't hard or expensive.  In fact, with a little creative thinking, you can actually SAVE some money.  Here are my tips:
  • Decorate with nature! Gourds, pumpkins, corn, hay, mums, all found in nature, all beautiful green decorations. Or...
  • Pick up great second hand decorations. Check out Craigslist, Ebay, and (best yet) local consignment stores for some great festive decor.
  • Do the same for costumes! I have found all kinds of costumes for kids and adults on Craigslist recently and the consignment stores near us are running great specials.
  • If you can't find the costume, try making it (or asking/hiring someone). Handmade ensures that the costume is one of a kind and made out of love. It also prevents a lot of plastic packaging, processing, shipping, etc...
  • Get creative! (And save money!)x There are so many great ideas for costumes using things you have around your house. My husband has put on a Detroit Tigers shirt and had me draw on whiskers with eye liner. What about "Iron Chef" (wear a chef's hat and carry an iron), "Quarter Pounder" (a quarter in one hand a hammer in the other), "Freudian Slip" (iron on picture of Freud on slip), "Stick in the Mud" (wear all brown and put sticks on you. What are your ideas?
  • Think outside the bag of candy. Individual wrapping means lots of extra packaging and lots of extra impact. What about apples? Moneys? Popcorn balls? What are your ideas?
  • Pillow cases rock! You don't need a special Halloween bucket (often made of plastic). Grab a clean pillow case and hit the road. Extra bonus-they hold more!
  • Stay local! Try to stick close to home to do your candy collecting. This will prevent extra driving and help you get to know your neighbors better.

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