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Tips for packing a diaper bag

If you use a diaper bag, use a small one.  You don't need to pack enough supplies for a weekend trip for one morning at the mallor a visit to the doctor's office!  Here is a simple list of suggestions:

  1. Two or three diapers
  2. Small baggie of wipes
  3. Disposable changing table cloths
  4. Bottle and formula
  5. Extra nursing pads (if needed)
  6. Burping cloth
  7. Hand sanitizer gel
  8. One small toy or rattle
  9. For longer outings you may also want to add a spare set of clothing with a small bag to put dirty clothes into

Remember...the more you bring, the more you have to carry!

Jennifer K.
When my babe was little I used to go nuts about the diaper bag. I had bought everything the sitter said she needed, so she had all supplies at her house. But she wanted the diaper bag for outings to the library or park (great!) and I did not need it at work, so I left it with her. Most of the supplies, of course, are only used a little at a time, or don't get used up at all, but I'd give her a diaper bag with 4 or 5 diaps in it, and almost always get it back empty or with just one. More than once we'd stop somewhere on our 45 min drive home and I'd change him, only to have him fill up the diap before we got all hte way home. Sure, they're in the bag to be used, but since I was paying her (not the other way around) I couldn't believe I had to restock her supplies (and I did make sure she always had sufficient diaps at her house to be able to refill, so that wasn't the issue)
Betty R.
Great suggestion! As a daycare provider, I find the bags brought for the children are hard for me to use because they are full of so much stuff I can never find what I need quickly... and quickly is important when I'm taking care of five or six children of differing ages.
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