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Tips for visiting Santa's Village

Recently we visited Santa's Village for the first time with our 4 yr old and 18 month old along with some friends and their children.  We went to Storyland the day before and our rental home was right near there so that meant it was about an hour drive from Storyland to Santa's Village (Jefferson, NH).

The drive up to Jefferson goes by really fast and it is basically straight up Route 16 to Route 2 and you're there - it's a scenic drive and we left at 9:30 a.m. and got to Santa's Village by 10:30 a.m. - still early enough to avoid crowds.  The day we went it was a little bit rainy  with skies clearing up as the day went on so we thought we would make the best of it and we were prepared with rain coats, umbrellas and a towel.  The fact that it was not the "perfect" sunny day actually worked out for us because it was not crowded at all and there were no lines to wait - I think the longest we waited was for about 2 minutes!

People generally don't want to visit these parks in okay weather but we made it work.  Luckily there were no major down pours, just a passing shower here and there but when it did rain, we went inside to see theater shows, had lunch, went to the indoor playarea and indoor rides.  When it stopped that was when we did all the outdoor rides and again, since it was not crowded at all, no worry about lines.

The park also sold ponchos for only $1.00.  The sleigh ride which takes you all around the park provides big umbrellas so you can keep yourself dry if it does rain in the middle of the ride.  Plus the kids didn't care about the rain and we didn't have to worry about overheated kids since it was on the cool side.  As long as you prepare for it, then it's great.  We even wore our ponchos on the log ride when the rain stopped.  As the day went on it cleared up so overall it turned out to be a nice visit.  We left the park around 5p.m.  So don't let a little rain dampen your visit to Santa's Village - it does work out to your advantage.

Mary Beth R.
With the exception of last year when money was really tight, I've taken my daughter to Santa's Village and Storyland every year since she was 5. She's now 12 and still wants to go! We pack ponchos and that guarantees it won't rain. There's a lot of shade at SV and plenty of indoor places to cool off. Plus they have the mist things you can walk thru. I went as a kid and have fond memories from back then as well as the new memories I continue to make w/ my own daughter.
Dina M.
We also went with a 4.5 year old and 19 month old and they both had a blast, though obviously the younger one couldn't go on many rides. I highly recommend stopping at Elfabet University upon arrival to pick up an alphabet punch card for each of the kids. My 4.5 year old had the best time finding the letter elves stationed throughout the park and was so proud when she found all 26 letters (which earned her a diploma and little prize from the University office!). You are allowed to bring food into the park, and there are plenty of shaded places to sit and enjoy. Even if you purchase food there, it is not nearly as expensive as at other amusement parks we've visited. We didn't get the souvenir cups, but may do so next time as once you purchase one you can have it refilled at food stands throughout the park all day for no additional cost. The new water park area is fantastic! My older one loved going on the smaller water slides, and my younger one couldn't get enough of the shallow splash area (they have a separate splash area with no standing water for little ones, but my guy wanted to be like his sister and played at the larger area). Be prepared by bringing towels, swim suits, and swim diapers if you have one still in diapers. There are lockers available at the water park area - and nice lounge chairs if you have kids old enough to play while you lounge!
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