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Top Best Cooking Tips That Every Woman Must Know...

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Every human somehow has the knowledge of cooking. Everyone knows the basics. But sometimes, still being well aware of the recipe, they made mistakes. And the food tastes not so good.

Especially women are more involved in cooking than men. This is because they cook for their family and try to make the food as tasty as they can.

There are some tips that can be helpful when cooking a meal. Every woman must know them so they can save their time and make their food more ravishing and tasty.

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Go through these tips and enhance your cooking expertise level.

Sauté the onion first

If you are cooking a dish that required sautéed onions and garlic. Do the onion first. The onion takes more time to soften up than garlic. If you add both of them together, it is most likely that the garlic will burn up until the onion softens up. So to avoid the burned garlic taste, sauté the onion before then add garlic.

Don’t make the pancake batter smooth

Most people stir the pancake batter until it becomes smooth. But that can only look good until it is a batter. For the more fluffy and filled pancakes, whisked the batter until the ingredients mix well. You will see a significant difference between the previous-style pancake and this new-style pancake.

Let the meat rest

Cooking the steak requires more attention. People love different types of steaks. But all love the juicy aroma of the dish. But most of the time, they can’t feel it. It happened because they cut meat the next minute the steak is cooked. To make the steak juicy, wrap it in aluminum foil when cooking. And if it doesn’t suites you, leave the steak wrap in an aluminum foil or without it for a few minutes before cutting it into pieces.

Use different kinds of vinegar together

Whenever dressing a salad, try to use more than one type of vinegar. It will enhance the salad taste. Because some vinegar is more acidic and the other has more focus on the sweetening side. So if you mix different kinds of vinegar, it will definitely complement all of your salad ingredients, and the taste will be good.

Don’t add pasta too soon

If you wonder that why your pasta is gummy and sticky even when you cook it well. Then the answer is, you are boiling it wrong. In a hurry to get the food, sometimes people add the pasta to the water too soon. Don’t do that. It is making your pasta gummy and sticky. To avoid this, wait for the water to boil perfectly. And to enhance the taste of pasta, add salt and one or two tablespoons of oil. It will also help to keep the pasta nonstick and taste great.

Preheat the pan

While making an omelet or pancake or any other meal. Preheat the pan. Turn on the flame on high for two to three minutes and then turn it to medium or low before pouring the ingredient. It will not burn the meal and give the instant cook to food like an omelet. As for pancake, preheat the pan in low flames. Try to maintain the preheating time according to the meal, so it will turn out great.

Don’t overload the pan

Don’t load your pan. Always take care of the size of the pan you are taking for cooking. The pan size can drastically make your dish lose taste. When the pan is full, the items are not able to cook thoroughly, especially the meat and hard vegetables such as carrots, cabbage. It will make the food look uncooked.

Add white vinegar

Do you love poached eggs in breakfast, but the yolk break while poaching it? Then here is the solution. When you are poaching an egg, add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the shimmering water. It will prevent the egg’s yolk from breaking. And you can enjoy the perfectly parched egg.

Substitute lemon and orange

If you dish required to add some Meyer lemon and you don’t have it. So don’t need to worry; use a substitute for it. Half lemon and half orange are excellent substitutes for Meyer lemon. It will give almost the same taste, and your dish will taste good.

For crispy and crunchy chips

Want some crispy and crunchy homemade fries or chips? Then slice the potato and remove the starch. Removing starch is not hard to do the task. Just soak the potato slices for an hour in water. Then bake or fry as you want. And enjoy the crispy and crunchy potatoes.


Hope these tips will make your cooking skills more powerful. In the world of cooking, you always learn new tips, new recipes, new styles, and much more. So take these tips and make them useful for your next cooking.

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