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Toy Storage Hammock - Great for Organizing

If your kids are anything like mine, they love their stuffed animals and won't give them up. And if you are anything like me, the clutter drives you nuts! I've started using toy storage hammocks that hang on the wall so that I have a place to put all of their stuffed animals when they aren't being played with.

I love these things because they are easy to hang, look decent, and get stuffed toys out of the way!

At least twice a year, I go through all of my kids toys with them and try to "help" them get rid of things that they no longer play with. For some reason, stuffed animals are the hardest to let go of. A bear that I may have found stuffed in the corner of their closet is all of the sudden their favorite EVER!

The mess was driving me crazy, their beds were overflowing with animals that would get thrown on the floor every night before bed...and finally, I bought a toy storage hammock. No more stuffed animals on the floor - and I even put theirs so high that they can't reach it on their own.

Check out the Toy Storage Hammock if you don't already use them. It takes about 5 minutes to attach one to your child's wall and you'll be so glad that you have less clutter to deal with once it's up.

Your kids will thank you for not forcing them to get rid of ALL those stuffed toys too!

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