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Trader Joe's Insulated Grocery Bags

I find so many cool things at Trader Joe's.  My latest must-have find is their black and red insulated grocery bag.  For just $4.99 this thing will keep frozen items frozen for hours - which is super!  No more half melted groceries by the time you get home (especially in the summer).  Plus, you are helping to save the environment with reusable bags.

The TJ checkout woman told me that she actually brought popcicles to the beach in this bag and they stayed frozen.  So they'd also be great for picnics or transporting cold beverages.

The bag is also large enough to use as a regular tote.  I bought several of them, and I even use one for the kids' karate outfits & gear.  But the others I keep in the trunk for grocery runs.  They hold quite a bit, they are great quality and they really keep things cold.  (I tried to google a photo of one - just do a search for "trader joes insulated bags" and you'll be able to see what they look like).

Thank you again, Trader Joe's!

Jennifer A. E.
Unfortunatly they no longer carry this bag. :o( One manager I spoke to explained that the company was unhappy with the materials that were being used to produce the bag. So, they are designing a new one with more eco-friendly materials and will have them in the stores when they are available. You can try ebay but as of 6/30/08 they were going upwards of $15+ per bag. There was even a crazy bid goig for $62.00 (+ $12.00 to ship) for four bags!!!! Crazy!!!
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