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Transition Tips for Young Kids

From infancy onward, predictable routines are valuable to a child's day.  Guided by actions within the home environment, routines are important in helping your children anticipate events that occur habitually throughout the day.  Not only do routines help children feel safe and assured, it can help to develop cognitive skills, such as attention and memory.  Just as an adult gauges time with a clock, children need cues from a caregiver during the day.  Try some of these tips:

 Tips to help 
  • Begin to set expectaions early
  • Kids need boundaries, and parents need to provide that for them.  They will naturally push the limits and it's up to a parent to enforce the routine, even if chaos ensues
  • Children mirror their parents.  Be a good role model by following through with the routines of the household (can be hard at my house!)
  • Focus on the good behaviors!
  • Compliment your child if they act in an appropriate way when a peaceful transition was made with a quick acknowledgment and great feedback (a big hug is worth a million words to a child)
  • Once a routine is established, try to organize your day around your child's, as consistent naps and bedtime are very important

KEY tip:  Re-evaluate the needs of your children as they grow and develop.  What worked 6 months ago, may need a little tweak as the needs of your family changes.  We did a lot of 3 month checks to 6 month checks to see what's working and what was not!

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