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Travel Cautions... Check for Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestation is becoming an epidemic in the US.  They're on the rebound from New York to Chicago to Washington, in college dormitories, hotels, and rich and poor areas.  Not to become infested is critical. 

According to Cornell Cooperative Extension, bed bug expert, Dr. Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann (Fall 2006), bed bugs will become the number one household pest within five years (supplanting old favorites like roaches, mice, and termites). “Bedbug-related calls to pest control companies are up across the entire U.S.” she said, “with no statistical variation between regions.” Source:; March 15, 2010

Check out the for more info. 

With that fact in mind, this info is to assist those who do wind up getting bed bugs (or “know someone” who might have them), or how not to get them in the first place.  

Our story: My 90+ yr. old father-in-law brought them home, probably in his luggage from a casino in AC, NJ because he often uses their free room passes.  We didn't know at the time but there was a recent problem with several casino’s having them, just Google “Atlantic City Bed Bugs”.  We had to throw out his bed (mattress & box spring), couch, and recliner.  He had his house exterminated 4 times and this took months to accomplish since the bug eggs hatch and re-infestation can occur.  It became extremely expensive and my father-in-law was embarrassed.

Read more here about bed bug epidemics/issues around the country.

If you do get them…the most important factors to consider are: finding a reputable exterminator and doing the prep work necessary before the exterminator arrives to treat your home.  Another great link w/pictures:

I will add that THE MOST important thing to do is not get them in the first place.  Check the hotel/motel mattress before you sleep in one and visit the provided links.

Odile M.
I'll mention the "public transportation" fact to my father-in-law since he rides the buses every week from PA to Atlantic City, NJ and back... all upholstered seats I'm sure. He could have picked the bugs up from there... I had no idea. Thx, Odile
Andrea M.
Gross- but necessary-I have recently known of a case that took over 6 months to get rid of with the person actually having to move out of her place for a few weeks till the situation got under control
Carol F.
Bedbugs can also be picked up on public transportation, especially those vehicles which have upholstered seats, although the bedbugs can hide out in plastic upholstery until a suitable host comes along. When I lived in Philadelphia and rode the subway, my mother made me take off my work clothes as soon as I got home and hang them in the closet, having no contact with my bedding.
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