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Traveling with Kids When Delicate Topics Come...

Michelle Duffy, better known as Wandermom tells this story

“In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, my son asked for the first time about the differences between the comforts he was used to in our home and what he had observed while we were traveling. He was eight years old and was intrigued by the people who were selling trinkets on the beach outside our hotel.

One evening, as we walked along the far end of the beach, he noticed these vendors inhabited shacks. He wanted to know why their living conditions were so poor. Although this is a complicated topic, we felt that he deserved an answer. My husband and I explained the differences around the world. We talked about our lifestyle in the U.S. and revealed that not every child has a house or school like him.”

I have certainly discovered that traveling with kids has a way of surfacing important by topics that don’t always come up in everyday life.  Some have easy answers and others not.  I am a firm believer in exposing children to real life even if some of it is hard to swallow.  Rather than shielding them from the pain and injustices that others experience, our family sees the natural questions that kids ask as teaching moments. My kids have never ceased to amaze me with their thoughtful responses.

Michelle Duffy (aka Wandermom1), author of  Wanderlust and Lipstick: Traveling with Kids, and mom of two, shares her widsom of how to approach these delicate topics that come up as you explore the world with your kids in her article, “Kids Conversations on the Road:  What is Poverty Mom?”

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