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Tutpup: Math & Spelling Games Online

Looking for a fun way to polish up math and spelling skills for school? Check out a free, fun website called tutpup. Tutpup lets kids compete against each other in four educational skills Math, Spelling, Math Mix, and Times Tables. The site has no advertising, a very clear privacy policy and parental permission to play is required. Additionally, kids can't use their real names - they make up a fun username made up of a color, and animal and a number. The site is bright and cheery and very easy to use. Parents can even get email updates of their child’s Tutpup usage, including how well they are progressing! Try it out as you get ready for back to school!

If you're looking for even more math practice sites & worksheet generators, try Mathcats, Superkids, BBC, APlusMath and Noetic Learning.

And find even more Tips on Educational Resources here

Gwen J.
Kathy - I would love to know the others
Kathy P.
I am a Math Coach, always looking for fun things for Elementary aged students. I have found others> Can I tell you what they are here? Or is there another place to list these>
Tanya T.
I am starting my son on this today... Looks fun and he will be learning. Thanks!
Valeria D.
Great tool for math. My son is starting 3rd grade and don't like math much but he likes doing the easier levels of this. A couple things though, they have levels but don't say to what grades they apply to so it is a little hard to figure out. Second, competition with time limit can be a little frustrating for kids if they loose... Third, the spelling has an accent that is hard to understand what it says resulting in many more mistakes = frustration than it should. But all in all it is free and any practice is welcome! So go ahead and try it.
Thank you for all the links - we're on a big push around here to wash away all the rust that has settled in our brains - LOL! Great post!
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