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Ultimate Guitar Repair - Free Guitar Repair Articles...

Ultimate Guitar Building, which is the blog spin-off from Ultimate Guitar OnLine, will help you through the entire guitar planning, building and question process. We will be updating this site very frequently and providing you with a stream of new information for your every guitar making need.

If we don't have the answer, and I certainly don't claim to know all there is to know about guitar building, we will find out for you and there will certainly be very experienced luthiers willing to lend a helping hand.
Look for posts on tools for guitar making, methods, how-to's, tips and techniques.

We really desire you input here as well and this is the reason for this blog format - to engage in direct discussions with our readers.

So be sure to visit us often and check out the latest and greatest content for guitar building on the internet. If it has to do with guitar building, we will cover it. If we don't, tell us about it so we can.

Check Out The Plan Shop
The best place to start with your guitar building dreams is with a great quality plan. As an architect, I know the importance that is placed on a detailed, accurate plan.

Be sure to visit our Plan Shop, where we will be featuring all of our guitar plans, side bender plans, gluing jig plans and just about everything you will need to make those most important shop aids.

Oh – and yes, this is where we will have our free plans for a lot of our specialized tools that we talk about in the articles – so check it out as we will be adding items here all of the time.

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