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Ultimate Kids Guitar Lessons - About These Lessons...

About These Lessons:

Every lesson will have similar sections so we can have a structured learning process here. The lessons will gradually get harder each week or month as your ability to learn the music increases, just like taking lessons from a real instructor.

We will have each song screen shot shown on each lesson page. We will post the sheet music for each and every song. This will show the notes on the Staff, the time value of each note, and the TAB for the notes. Additionally the Note Name will be shown above each note so you can memorize it.

For most lessons we will also show our “Tab Notes” which are notation that I made directly on the music, giving special instructions or directions. This will be located at the bottom of the post.

Lesson material will also be available to you as a free download in PDF format. You should have Adobe Acrobat Reader v6.0 or greater to view the lessons. You will be able to download one month’s worth of lessons at a time. At sometime in the future we will offer these lessons together as a download ebook so you can have all the information in one central spot. There will be a modest charge for each of these books.

Also, every week we will include the following sections as tips:

About This Lesson:
This will be a general overview of the lesson material. We will talk about the items to be learned in broad terms, almost like an outline format.

About the Tab Notes:
Here we will give an overview of what is marked on the “Tab Notes” giving you clarification on the lesson, or expanding the meaning of something.

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