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Understanding Shaka Sign Hawaiian Greeting

On the day of President Obama's inauguration, he did the shaka sign as the marching band from Punahou High School (his alma mater) walked by.  Many people know the shaka sign as Hawaii's sign for "hang loose."  However, the shaka has a far deeper history than that.  

Learning about the shaka sign, aloha spirit, and Hawaii culture can be fun for the whole family, especially since the United States has our first Hawaii-born president.  

How the shaka sign came into existance is not really known. Some scholars believe that it all started with a sugar mill worker who lost 3 of his fingers and was left with only his thumb and his pinky. When locals would talk about him, they would make the sign of his hand gesture.  

The shaka sign has meant many things over the years, and is a definite part of Hawaiian culture and the aloha spirit that is always present in Hawaii.  

Today, the shaka sign can mean many things, including "howzit" (how's it going?), "No worries," "Thanks," and much more. 

If you'd like to teach your kids more about the shaka sign and the aloha spirit that has helped to shape our country's current president, you can read a great article here.  

And, when you get a chance, bring your family to see Obama's place of birth. We'll greet you with the shaka sign and plenty of aloha spirit! 

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