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Unique Playdoh

I generally ban playdoh from my home since I find it too messy and a pain to clean up.  However my younger daughter got EiEi Dough made by Alex Toys as a birthday gift.  So one rainy day when my kids were bored and I was desperate, I gave in and broke out the EiEi Dough. My 4 1/2 and 2 yr old sat at the kitchen table and played happily for 2 straight hours (probably would have been longer but dinner was ready).  The clean up was very easy and for some reason I found it to be less crumbly than the regular playdoh.  I still hide it so they don't know where it is and it will come out again when I have another one of those depserate moment but I recommend checking it out.  You can also buy it at too.

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