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Use for Yard Sale Plates and Platters

Here's a way to solve two "problems" at once. (How wonderful life would be if these were our only problems!) At yard sales, I often see beautiful dishes or serving platters that I can't possibly buy, no matter how cheap, because I have way more than enough already. But it hurts to leave it behind. Then, the winter holiday season rolls around, and I have cookies or baked goods or spinach squares to bring to someone's house, and nothing to put them on. Either my platters are not pretty enough, or they're too nice to risk possibly leave behind by mistake. Viola! Now, I have learned to buy the yard sale plates, and give them as part of the gift along with the cookies. I always suggest that if my friend has too many plates, to pass this one along to the next person.

Gina H.
You can also glue a candlestick to the bottom and make it into a cake stand.
Gwen L.
I just passed up some very pretty plates. . one of a kind. :-( Great idea. Gwen
Margie W.
I love it. Great idea!!
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