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Verizon Thinkfinity - Educational Resources

Verizon Foundation has partnered with nationally recognized leaders in educational disciplines including literacy, math, humanities and science to create Verizon Thinkfinity (  The award-winning free digital experience brings to life educational resources, interactive games, lesson plans, news, and webinars to foster excellence in students, parents and teachers alike and was recently named a “Best In Tech” website by Scholastic Administrator -

Thinkfinity’s lesson plans are tailored to meet state-standards in teaching and all K-12 resources are grade-specific in hopes to raise educational standards by offering excellent resources to kids, parents and teachers, in addition to providing an extended community for all.  Verizon Thinkfinity Professional Development engages educators with online and in-person training to assist with them with not only effectively navigating the site, but also integrating the vast array of Thinkfinity resources into the classroom.

Thinkfinity supports a vast number of initiatives and provides timely and in-depth lesson plans and student interactives throughout the school year.  Aside from exploring the free lesson plans and interactive materials available to parents, teachers and students on the site, Thinkfinity also supplies resources and commentary on current world happenings and events to further educate students and creating engaging dialogue within the classroom.

Clint K.
I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying the Thinkfinity site and resources, Melissa! Feel free to reach me at clint[at]mfinteractive[dot]com if you ever have any suggestions or comments for the site.
Melissa J.
I LOVE this website!!!! I am a teacher and just spent an hour drooling over all the good stuff on this site
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