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Victoria's Secret Policy Change-Customer Loses...

Victoria's Secret is a very popular store especially this time of year. Men often shop for their wives or girlfriends at this specialty store and women also love to pamper themselves with the feel of sexy. However, recently the store has changed a policy which places customers at a great loss if they do not have a receipt. Read what happened to my friend who just visited the store yesterday after trying to make an even exchange for a different size-the store wanted her to pay more money!

Libby L.
This actually occurs in all stores - this happened to me at a Marshall's but I kept the item and regifted it. When returning w/out a receipt, the "so called clearance price" is NOT a clearance price at all it is the price the store paid for the merchandise. The store (ie) paid $2.50 for the item and when they sell it to you - you paid $7.50 - they would get a $5.00 profit. So when items are on SALE - it's not really considering how much they originally paid for it. SCAM!!!...
Great tip. I generally knew Target had a policy like that , but not VS, and i shop there sometimes. Another reason to save slips is for warranty reasons, for anything like a kitchen appliance or electronic etc. you have to photocopy those ones on thermal paper, as they fade or 'die' in a very short time. if you leave them in a purse. it might be another scam have no receipt to prove the purchase because the slip has faded out. copy anything off those thermal receipts and tape it into the owners manual or a warranty file....
Theresa S.
You will find this same policy at Target. If you don't have the receipt and you paid with check or cash, they will give you the 'clearance price' even if this item was not on clearance when you bought it and is currently not on clearance in the store! They will not do an even exchange w/o a receipt---only a return at this 'clearance price'. However, if you used a credit card, they can somehow trace the sale of the item (even w/o receipt) and credit your card for what you paid but not with cash or check. Lesson: Save Your Receipts!!
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