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Video Games and "Reading" the Minds of Children...

Parents should play video games with their children from time to time. Not just video games, but also all other types of friendly competitive games and sports. Three great things can happen if the parent uses his or her time wisely with the child:

1) Increase the amount of trust between parent and child.

2) Inspire both parent and child. The father will know his son or daughter's greatest strengths and weaknesses. Parents should know that their children's weaknesses are not his or her potential failures but potential strengths. This is because weakness is the absence of strength. The more both parties know each other, the better their communication will be as the child matures. Doing so will inspire the child to understand (as opposed to "know") himself more, understand his parents more, and improve his own potential for future success. Dads will be inspired for obvious reasons. Inspiration will only create more inspiration. Most importantly for the father is that he may be able to "read" his son's tendencies and be able to act accordingly as both an authoritative figure and a friend.

3) Increase in trust and inspiration within both parties will allow both parent and child to love each other more. This should be a lifelong "competition."

Let's all be soccer dads (and moms, of course!).

Let's all play video games! (with the children, at appropriate times of course)

Very interesting and informative.
John K.
Great topic. this gave me thinking about my future and my kids. ill keep this on my mind.
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