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Wedding Gift - A Lifetime of Ornaments

One of my most cherished wedding gifts was a gift from my mother.  It was a set of keepsake ornaments that she had collected every year since I was born!  What an amazing sentiment!

Not only did it bring back memories of years gone by - it was a perfect way to launch into my new life with 28 ornaments to decorate our first Christmas tree together.

I've since kept this tradition on with my own children.  Each year, right after Christmas, I take them to the Paper Store (Hallmark) and they can each choose a keepsake ornament for their box.  (Half price after Christmas!). 

It's a really fun way to recollect what trends were hot in each year or what that child's interests based on the ornament they choose.  Plus, most keepsake ornaments are dated so it's a great way to remember the years.

You can go with a specific collection theme (like snowmen or Santas) or just with cute characters that each child adores at certain ages.  Any way you slice it - it will be a mot cherished gift for your son or daughter when they go off and start their own families and traditions.

Kathy K.
I give my 2 daughters in law a piece to the North Pole series Christmas village each year. I started this the first Christmas after they were married. My first daughter in law has about 14 pieces and my other daughter in law has about 6 pieces. Their children (my grandchildren) enjoy the villages at Christmas time, too.
Kim H.
I also collect houses (i.e., Dickens, Santa's workshop etc.) for each of my 4 daughters. They get one a year. When they leave home they should have quite a collection. This avoids newlyweds from purchasing a bunch of junk their first Christmas together, so they will have a complete village set.
Amy P.
I do this too! We get ornaments that have to do with something that happens that year -- so this year we got a little schoolbus for my daughter who started kindergarten. We also usually pick something up if we take a vacation somewhere -- and I always have the kids do a homemade one! The cutest! (Just be sure to date them!)
Donna S.
Great idea! I started doing this for my nephew, who is also my godson. He is nine and I have purchased one or two each year since he was a year old.
I have been collecting yearly ornaments with my kids....what a great way to present them to your child...on their wedding day! Thanks for the idea (not that I will be presenting them anytime soon!!)
That's a great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us :)
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