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Weekend Fun on the Cheap

It's not easy these days to have fun at a low price. There are a few stores that are havens for unique items that will create an exciting picnic or romantic afternoon. Marshalls and TJ Maxx have excellent gourmet treats at clearance prices. I recently bought chocolate covered pretzels, mixed nuts, and candies at $2 a piece! At TJ Maxx I found blankets, plastic plates, and glassware-all for under $5 a piece. With a keen eye and a little creativity, you can create a kid friendly day. I also found Tommy Hilfiger beach mats for $10-they are thicker than blankets and keep the sand away. The mats also come with head rest/pillow attached-which is great for individuals or small children.

Here are my suggestions for a complete picnic on the cheap:

A blanket from housewares, a basket from decor, cups and plates from housewares, visors or hats and sunglasses (you can also find bathing suits and cover ups at clearance prices as well), and snacks from housewares/food.

If you have small children that are always craving new toys, but lose them too frequently, I suggest a quick stop at a dollar store. They always have seasonal items-plastic inflatable balls, goggles, and other floating items. It's a guilt-free way to treat your little ones!

With a careful eye you can find all that you need for an afternoon at the lake for under $20. Then all you need are a few $5 sandwiches from Subway, a good bottle of wine from a local store, and you're ready to go!

See: to preview items before you shop!

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