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What Is The Big Deal About Reusable Bags?

  Do You know...?· Americans use an average of 300 - 700 plastic bags per year. If everyone in the United States kept their bags for 1 year, and tied them together in a giant chain, the chain would reach around the Earth 760 times.

· Windblown plastic bags are so prevalent in South Africa that an entire industry has sprung up harvesting 30,000 plastic bags a month to weave into hats and handbags.

· The world’s largest landfill is floating in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and San Francisco. Wind and sea currents carry marine debris from all over the world to what’s known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This “landfill” is estimated to be twice the size of Texas and contains thousands of pounds of our discarded trash, mostly plastics. Each year hundreds of thousands of sea birds and marine life die from digested plastics mistaken for food. –LA Times Background on Bag ConsumptionSingle-use Plastic Bags:· First introduced in 1977, accounts for 4 out of every 5 bags handed out at grocery stores.· According to the Wall Street Journal, 100 billion plastic shopping bags are consumed in the United States annually.· Cutting this waste in half would reduce our oil consumption by more than 2,000 barrels a day and keep out 73,000 tons of rubbish out of landfills.· EPA research has shown that only 1% of plastic bags get recycled while about 20% of paper bags are recycled.Single-use Paper Bags:· Paper bags generate 70% more air and 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bags.· Paper in landfills doesn’t break down faster than plastic.
Solution:Reusable bags! A sturdy, reusable bag needs used 11 times will have a lower environmental impact than using disposable plastic bags.Convenience = Use

I have tried several reusable bags, however, I found myself at the grocery store most of the time without the bags because they are not convenient to carry.  Solution found!  The ChicoBag is my favorite bag.  It fits easily into my purse, and it even has a small clip to attach it to anything.  I am even going to use this company for fundraising for my youth athletic team and for my kids school. 


I also like envirosax because they come in a group of 5 in an easy to carry pouch I can just throw in the diaper bag.
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