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What Would You Be?

Here's a twist on an old favorite game to play when bored, or waiting at the doctor's or a restaurant: What Would You Be? We've been playing this since my kids were about 3 and we still play as tweens. One person is "it", and they choose the category, such as "what would you be if you were a building (or jewelry or clothing or a million other things)?" Then each player has to say what they would be and why. They must say why or it's cheating. Then the person who is "it" gets to say what they would be and why. Next, someone else is "it" and chooses the category. Play at least until everyone has had a turn to be "it". We usually play three rounds, because we have too many good ideas to quit. Bonus: be sure to let Daddy play, because his answers can be amazingly romantic and/or silly.

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