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"Where is Your Child From?"

I liked this article from Parenting which was written by the biological mom of an interracial child, and talks about how she deals with the constant questions she gets from strangers.  People just assumed that she had adopted her daughter, and would ask where she was from, and the author was surprised at how many people made this leap immediately without considering that there might be other explanations.  Her concern was ultimately for her daughter, in that she didn't want these constant questions to make her daughter feel that she was different, and therefore separate from the rest of the world.  Her resolution of how to answer the question is very funny.

I'm reading this for the first time - I love it! Thank you, as I really need to share this with a great friend of mine! :)
Thanks Jennifer - I fixed the link. Hope the article gives you some good tips!
Jennifer K.
The article's not found at this url. I'd like to see it, because I'm in hte same boat as the other posters. I once pointed out to a woman who'd asked if my son was my biological child was mine that we were nursing right then, as she asked. Her reply was to remind me that it is possible for adapting mothers to nurse. Incredible that she'd go that route before believing that my beautiful brown baby has a blue-eyed white mama!
Amen, I am white and my husband is Guyanese-black. Our daughter is gorgeous with dark eyes and dark wavy hair and caramel skin and I am a blonde. I have had people be so freaking nosy and crude!
I read this article when it came out and loved it. It hits close to home for me. As the mother of two bi-racial daughters (I am Asian-American and my husband is Caucasian), we have encountered a lot of the "looks" and questions about our kids. Our older daughter looks like me with all the Asian features and our youngest is the opposite with light brown hair and blonde highlights. Sure enough, people see us and wonder how our youngest can be my biological daughter and my husband is always asked if our older daughter is really his! My point is, think before you speak!
Thanks--I'm forwarding it to a friend whose child doesn't look liker her.
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