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Who Said You Can't Mix Business with Pleasure?...

Not enough summer to accomodate your travel plans?  Do you have family reunion, family vacation, two business trips and an all girls weekend planned with your three best friends?  Well, you may not have all of those things planned but you may have at least two or three of these planned this summer.  By the time the kids go back to school, you may need another vacation to recover from it all.  I have all of these planned except the all girls weekend(too bad).  So to make all of our travel plans flow we have decided to combine a few of them. 

My husband has a business trip that he and I were going on to The King and Prince Beachfront Resort on St. Simons Island.  We were struggling trying to decide where we would take the kids for the summer and suddenly my husband asked, " What if we took the kids with us and made that our family vacation as well?"  I thought that was a great idea!  During the day when daddy is attending meetings, the kids and I can go to the beach or the beachfront playground.  On the days that he finishes around noon we can all go to the pool, bike riding or the near by putt putt golf coarse. 

One of the best amenities they provide is BABY SITTING!  You can hire a baby sitter for an evening alone with daddy.  They also have tennis, fishing and a long list of other amenities that are sure to keep you busy.  The other GMs and managers are bringing their families as well, so we'll have plenty of company.  Last but not least, the very best thing about this arrangement is that this is a business trip!  Hotel Accomodations and gas are covered by the company.  Now that's a win-win situation!

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