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Whoops, did you forget to give a teacher gift?...

If the end of the year came suddenly and you forgot to get your child's teacher a gift, it is not too late. I am a teacher, and I know I would be delighted to receive a thank you note in the mail over the next few weeks, with or without a gift card inside. The school has your teacher's home address, and if they won't give it out, you can drop off the card at school and they will mail it to the teacher for you. Or, simply look in the phone book. Most teachers are not unlisted. I received many wonderful gifts this year, but to receive something once summer has begun would be even more fun and would feel very special.

Hi Clara. I think your child would know best. My students know that I love dunkin donuts, barnes and noble and all kinds of animals. Any small gift relating to any of these would be so appreciated. Even if your child is very young, he or she will know what the teacher is passionate about.
Clara P.
Hi JesMom, Do you have any ideas for gifts? I know anything is welcomed but I prefer to get something that she would appreciate. Thanks for posting this as I was one of "those" parents :)
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