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Window Art by Creativity for Kids

We recently discovered this kids art activity set that is really fun and easy to do.  Basically you get sheets of clear plastic that you draw pictures on with bottles of squeeze paint.  Then you let the pictures dry (about 24 hours is a safe bet) and peel them off to stick on a window.   It's a project that everyone can participate in - and best done with supervision. 

Both my son & daughter  (ages 5 & 7) have had a lot of fun creating things for their bedroom winodws.  They work like suncatchers, but they are flexble, rubber like things that just cling to the window.  No suction cups or anything.

We've tried two different kits that have worked well - both are made by Creativity for Kids.  One is a small (5x7) sized box that comes with 5 tubes of colored paint, one tube of black and then four small blank sheets of the clear plastic.  This was our first introduction to the product and it worked great.  This set if best for making free-form creations.

The next set comes in a larger box (12 x 12) and we really liked that because it has a lot more colors to choose from as well as a lot of nifty templates that you can use for making your window art.  Lots of cute outlines of animals and flowers and shapes.  It's a nice touch to have the patterns to follow.

So if you are looking for a fun art project I'd recommend these.  The kids really like them and they are fairly simple to make.  Best for kids 5+ I'd say but it depends on the child.

Happy Crafting!

Sounds fun! Thanks for this tip!
Andrea M.
My oldest son who is now 17 did these when he was little and I have been looking for a set like this for a long time for my 7 year old to do. Thanks (I just took the ones my 17 yr old did down they were really hard and brittle)
Thanks for that tip about not leaving them on too long, especially in winter. Particularly useful for me, as I think about how many we have up right now - and it's winter. :) I will try pulling one down this afternoon to see if we are still in good shape. Thanks again!
We love these as well. We use all different pictures, including those the kids draw themselves, and put the picture in a gallon zip bag to turn them into window clings. A note of caution, however. Don't leave them up too long or they will be really hard to remove, especially in winter.
Lana T.
This is great idea! I love it.
Sounds like Fun!
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