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Window Cleaning - Some Quick & Easy Tips

Window cleaning can be a chore that many of us put off as long as we can. As the owner of a home with a gazillion windows, I really needed to find a simple and easy solution to learn how to clean my windows. It is very bothersome to see all kinds of dirt and fingerprints on the windows during a low sun angle or at certain times of the day, when the sun does not flatter my glass-cleaning techniques.

I found out that I lacked the proper Glass Cleaning Equipment. Here is a list of items you should start with:

  • 8" & 12" Wide rubber squeegee channels for different width glass panes
  • Commercial squeegee handle (2) for different width glass panes
  • telescoping pole
  • micro-strip washer pad for scrubbing dirt off glass. Contains microfiber pad
  • Cushioned safety scraper for single edged safety razors
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Wide-mounted bucket that is wide enough for micro-strip pad
  • Terry cloth rags
  • Orange-oil based contractor cleaner

Start by making sure glass is clean of all construction residue, stain, paint or other grit or adhesives and stickers by using a combination of the safety scraper and the contractor solution. Let the contractor solution soak in for about 5 minutes to work on stickers and adhesive area. Follow with the scraper to completely clean all glass.

Take you wide-mouthed bucket and put about 1" to 1 1/2" of clean water in the bottom. Add just one or at most 2 drops of the Dawn liquid and stir.

Dip the microfiber scrubber into this solution and attach to telescoping rod if for high windows. Scrub liberally as dictated by the cleanliness of the glass. Now take the rubber bladed squeegee in one hand and a terry cloth rag in the other and start at the top of your glass making one smooth horizontal pass over the glass.

Immediately clean the rubber channel with the terry cloth rag and make your next path horizontally, overlapping your last path by about 1/4 of the channel width. Again clean the rubber and repeat until you reach the bottom.

When making your passes with the squeegee, make sure you press rather firmly and make one smooth clean motion. You should not see any overlap marks if done correctly. If you do repeat the process.

If you are cleaning multi-panel glass panels like french doors with muttons that are protruding, use a small squeegee. Start from the top and work your way down. Every time you complete one glass panel, dry the mutton below with your cloth, otherwise this will retain water and streak-down later. 

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