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Wondering What to Do with Your Child's School...

Do your kids bring more stuff home from school than you know what to do with?  I'm pretty sure that in my house we throw away more from my kids book bags than anywhere else.  It's especially hard for me to know what to do with a school craft project - they don't want me to throw them away and I only have a limited amount of space on the refrigerator. 

Here are some tips to help you deal with school craft projects and all the other paper that your child brings home from school. 

~ Use crafts as artwork. Some projects can be framed and hung in their room. Another cute idea is to hang a rope in their room and then to attach crafts with clothes pins. If you run out of room, use a project or two to create a piece or artwork for a grandma or grandpa. Have your child help to decide what they'd like to give to a relative so they don't get upset when you give something away!

~ Some school craft projects can make great wrapping paper for gifts. Family memebers love to see what your kids are doing and it saves on wrapping paper. 

~ If your child brings home lots of worksheets and other papers, save them and shred them to use in packaging. You won't have to buy packing peanuts so you'll be doing good for the environment and saving money. 

For more great ideas of helping your kids to be more eco friendly at school, visit Green Living Made Easy.  

I love the idea of using the back side for printing, I had never even thought of that! Thanks, Leena!!
LOVE these ideas! Everyone struggles with the piles of pictures. Great suggestions!
I tell people to take a picture of their child with a the art projects. Then they can use the paper for whatever they want or recycle it and they still can see the projects whenever they want.
Leena S.
You can also use the homework page back side for printing since its blank. I collect all the homework pages & take printout for my kids.
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