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World's Best Soap Will Save Your Stuff

I love Fels Naptha!  Want to get blueberries out of that favorite shirt?  Worried about the mystery spill on the carpet?  Or wondering how to best remove any visible reminders of an explosive diaper?  For under $2 a bar of this bleach-free, detergent-free soap gets out all of the above and more!  And a little will go a long way; I received one bar as part of a gift at a baby shower a year ago, since my daughter came along it's been used about everyday and I've still got some left over.  It's saved our sheets, carpet, clothes, etc a million times over!  You can find Fels Naptha at the link or at retailers like Walmart.

Works on Poison Ivy. Dries it up quick.
April M.
Elaine G.
Be aware it is lye, just like the great gradparents would use. Avoid the eyes!!! It can be used to wash your body with if you are allergic to poison. Use it after contact in the shower and you can avoid the blisters and break outs. HyVee carries it with the detergents. E.G.
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